Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vile Fox News

I went to the gym when I got home and got there just in time to watch the nightly news. With my headset plugged in, I watched and listened to Brian Williams interview Obama about the criteria by which he will pick a Supreme Court Justice. He sounded so beautifully articulate and knowledgeable. Afterall, he really IS a Constitutional scholar. In contrast, McInsane's running mate doesn't know what the role of the VP is as written in the constitution. Nor did McInsane's chief advisor when asked by Chris Matthews on Hardball. She said, "I'm NOT a constitutional scholar" using a tone of voice that sounded like she was offended to even be expected to know the answer to this 9th grade civics question. To my right of this TV screen was another screen with the Fox (fair and balanced news) channel. I didn't hear anything they were saying as I was listening to Obama but they kept flashing "BREAKING NEWS". And there was Ann Coulter who must have come out of hiding since she had the nerve to say such mean things to and about Elizabeth Edwards. Their breaking news was showing videos of Rashid Khalidi, the professor and supposed "mouthpiece" of the PLO, followed by William Ayers, followed by Reverend Wright with Obama's face, color darkened in the background. How vile, how desperate, how stomach turning. This is all they have to try and win-lies and fear. It was hard to even look at. 

I see that McInsane and Sarah Palin are now palling around with Joe the unlicensed plumber. Yes, Joe. You're just like everyone else; trying now for a book deal and even a country western recording contract. Unbelievable. 

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K. said...

See my blog today for SP's, uh, unique take on the First Amendment.

I got an email today from someone who was introduced at a conference in Spain as an "intellectual." It took him a minute to remember that in Europe, that's a compliment.